Sunday, November 1, 2009


My new roommate is a little Chihuahua-Dachshund. You might say she is a Chi-weenie! She kind of looks like a miniature Golden Retriever, but much, much smaller. She's only 7 1/2 pounds--a pocket Golden, if you will. It was a rough go at first--getting used to having a dog around. But we have gotten in to a nice little routine.
Annabelle is a crazy girl. She is perfectly content to sit on the couch and nap while I grade papers or watch TV. (Like she is doing now.) But when she gets outside, watch out. Especially if you are a bird or a squirrel. She really wishes she wasn't on a leash so she could go after all those dang squirrels in the park. She even chases birds while they are flying overhead. I don't know how exactly she expects to catch birds in midair, but she sure does try.

Here are some pictures especially for my niece and nephew. It will be so fun at Christmas when you can play with Annabelle!