Monday, July 21, 2008

It's after 7 pm and I just...

took a shower. I know it's extremely lame, but I just felt like being lazy and wasting time today. And I thought I would waste some more telling you about it. So, here is some important things that I accomplished today:

1. I got up before 10 am. (One of my goals this summer. Yay me!)
2. I ate breakfast before noon. (Always a sign it's going to be a good day.)
3. I blog stalked a lot of people. (If you haven't done it before, you should. It's very informative and you can find awesome blogs like this.)
4. I read about an interesting new pedicure option now available for nature lovers and other brave souls. (Check it out.)
5. I made a list of all the things that I'm going to accomplish tomorrow. (Ahh, tomorrow...what would I do without you?)

I love it...

I had my first experience playing Wii yesterday. And I must say it was very fun. My new friends from my ward invited me over for dinner and games. We played a Jenga-like game and I was rocking it pretty good. Apparently I have natural Wii wrist action. Mario Kart was fun with the steering wheel. For once it was not totally ridiculous that I was moving my hands to get my little guy on the screen to avoid hitting that tree. And yet 9 out of 10 times my little guy still ended up face to face with the trees, poles, and really anything near the side of the road. So the little steering wheel didn't help my Mario Kart skills, but still fun.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Panic! at the Dentist

Usually I have no problem going to the dentist. Growing up with a mom who is a dental assistant is probably the reason. But this week it was different.

It started off with a hygienist who I hadn't met before getting me numb. She was not as gentle as the other lady. Then the nice assistant, Kim, came in to put the rubber dam on. I hate those things. As she is putting a ring around my back molar, it just wouldn't go. So she puts a little more effort into it; that little lady was surprisingly strong! Suddenly I am thinking about a certain sister who had her jaw dislocated at the dentist recently, and I start to panic a little. I think she figured out something was up when I started to slide down in the seat like I was trying to escape. She backed off a bit. Then, after a piece of metal shot out of my mouth and across the room, they came up with a plan B for how to get the rubber dam to stay on.

I hadn't reminded anyone that I usually have a really hard time getting numb, so when the drilling began, I literally jumped a foot out of the chair. A little sensitive still...yeah just a little. I then had a bit of a panic attack. The rubber dam was making it feel like I couldn't breath and my heart just started racing. It took all of myself control to focus on breathing normally, ignore the large needle being shoved into my gums and just watch the episode of "Friends" that was playing. Two more shots later and I was finally numb enough to let the fun begin.

It wasn't all that bad. When the doctor was finishing up, he informed me that I have perfect cavities. So perfect, in fact, that he had been tempted to photograph them before gouging them out. I guess they are very concentrated in a small area and not very deep. "The perfect cavities to get--if you are going to get cavities," said Dr. Hodges. So for those of you that care (mom) the fillings were tooth 3 MO, tooth 5 DO, tooth 4 MOD. Whatever that means. All I know is that they were the best little cavities ever!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Park

My new apartment is less than a block away from a great park. Wright Park is 27 acres that was donated in 1886 to be used as a public space. It was recently remodeled and spruced up. There are lots of walking paths, a pond with a bridge, playground, wading pool, basketball court, and a bowling green (whatever that is.) It is very scenic and I love it. I've been trying to do a couple of laps everyday this week. I've notice a few regulars: homeless-looking people with their various bags and blankets, families picnicing, couples strolling, teenagers hanging out, and joggers. A pretty normal crowd for a city park I think.

Today as I was walking along a jogger passed me. Nothing out of the ordinary. As he went by me, though, I noticed that he was packing heat. That is--he had a gun. A handgun was strapped into some sort of holster on his hip, just sitting case he needs it? Wow, it made me re-evaluate my personal safety. Was he in need of protecting himself, and therefore, I'm going to need something to protect myself? It was only 6:00 in the evening, still lots of daylight. What is he worried about? Or should I be worried about him? Well, these thoughts only occupied my mind for a few minutes before I got back to enjoying my walk. It was a beautiful evening. One of those days that reminds me why I live here. It makes up for the other 9 months of the year.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lisa Loeb Live!

If you don't know who Lisa Loeb is, I don't think that we can be friends and/or related anymore. Unless you were born before 1960 or after 1990. Then I guess you have a good excuse. Anyway, she is a singer/songwriter that was popular back in the 90's--you probably know her song "Stay." Call me and I can sing it for you, or you could probably just listen to it on itunes.
Anyway, the other day I awoke to my radio alarm in a very groggy state of mind. I don't know how long I laid there listening to what was playing on the radio before I regained the ability to think. Finally I realized it was Lisa Loeb doing an in-studio session at a local Seattle station--103.7 KMTT the mountain. Check it out if you are around here.
Lisa is promoting her new CD (more about that later) and informed us that she would be doing a performance and CD signing at Barnes and Noble the following day. Of course I wanted to go. I was really sad that Jana wasn't here. She is the real fan. She's how I got to listening to more than just her "one big hit." (She also had a reality show on E! that was fairly entertaining.) So, long story short, all my local friends are lame and I had to go by myself.
Her CD "Camp Lisa" is a collection of children's songs inspired by summer camp. The proceeds from the sales will go to help kids who couldn't otherwise afford it be able to go to camp. I really liked the first song she played "Best Friend", so check it out.

I got the CD--more songs to teach my 2nd graders right? She was very nice talking to people, signing autographs, and taking pictures. Here are some pictures I took. Notice the one of her and I--I'm a towering giant compared to her.

When she came out and started introducing things, she shocked her mouth on the microphone. Here she was nervous about getting too close to it again.

In the "100 Acre Woods" in the Barnes and Noble children's department.

I don't know how a 40-year old women can pull off pig tails without looking ridiculous, but I think she does it.

It's not often that I tower over someone!

Friday, July 11, 2008

An '80's Classic

If you all haven't heard, they are making the classic 1980 movie '9 to 5' into a Broadway musical. Now when I found out about this (I don't recall exactly how I came into the know) I was VERY excited. I have fond memories of watching this movie as a child. So, last night as I was spreading the good news, (not the Good News, but still good) Reese and I decide to watch it, and as it turns out she owns it ond DVD so it all worked out great.

All I can say is 1)I didn't really remember anything about the plot of the movie and 2)kids really shouldn't have been watching that movie--mom and Aunt Jill! But as an adult it was hilarious and I really can't wait to see it as a stage musical. You should tell all your friends and check out this little teaser.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Downtown Adventure

These are the shoes that ruined my downtown adventure. I thought it would be more humane to show you the shoes and not what the shoes actually did to my feet. I live close enough to downtown Tacoma that I can walk there. It's kind of fun. The farthest I had gone was the library. So the other day I thought that I would go down to check out the Tall Ships Festival along the waterfront. It sounded fun--watch old-fashioned sailing ships in a sort of parade. I guess I had never worn these cute shoes very far, even though I've had them for awhile. So I start walking and after a few blocks I notice that my heal is kind of hurting, but I keep going. After I go about 7 or 8 blocks I am in real pain and I realize that I'm not going to be able to continue, but more than that I don't even think I'm going to be able to get back home. One of my heals is totally bleeding and there is no way that I'm going to be able to walk back up that hill I just came down. So, I walk another few blocks to the main transit station and use the map to find a bus that will take me as close to my house as possible. The #13 bus came a few minutes later and I only had to walk another block once the bus let me off. So much for seeing the tall ships, and now I can't wear any shoes with backs on them. Good thing we've been having lots of good flip-flop weather lately!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My New Place

I am still settling in to my new place. It seems that every time I unpack one box, two more appear from out of no where. After weeks of sitting on the floor I finally bought a couch. I love it. It is very soft and a lovely shade of chocolate brown. I spent quite a bit to get 'big girl' furniture, but I think it was worth it. Soon my place will be presentable to visitors.

This is what the dining area of the kitchen used to look like; I cleaned it up a bit, but I still don't have a table.
Here's my living room before getting my fabulous new couch...

and after.