Saturday, July 19, 2008

Panic! at the Dentist

Usually I have no problem going to the dentist. Growing up with a mom who is a dental assistant is probably the reason. But this week it was different.

It started off with a hygienist who I hadn't met before getting me numb. She was not as gentle as the other lady. Then the nice assistant, Kim, came in to put the rubber dam on. I hate those things. As she is putting a ring around my back molar, it just wouldn't go. So she puts a little more effort into it; that little lady was surprisingly strong! Suddenly I am thinking about a certain sister who had her jaw dislocated at the dentist recently, and I start to panic a little. I think she figured out something was up when I started to slide down in the seat like I was trying to escape. She backed off a bit. Then, after a piece of metal shot out of my mouth and across the room, they came up with a plan B for how to get the rubber dam to stay on.

I hadn't reminded anyone that I usually have a really hard time getting numb, so when the drilling began, I literally jumped a foot out of the chair. A little sensitive still...yeah just a little. I then had a bit of a panic attack. The rubber dam was making it feel like I couldn't breath and my heart just started racing. It took all of myself control to focus on breathing normally, ignore the large needle being shoved into my gums and just watch the episode of "Friends" that was playing. Two more shots later and I was finally numb enough to let the fun begin.

It wasn't all that bad. When the doctor was finishing up, he informed me that I have perfect cavities. So perfect, in fact, that he had been tempted to photograph them before gouging them out. I guess they are very concentrated in a small area and not very deep. "The perfect cavities to get--if you are going to get cavities," said Dr. Hodges. So for those of you that care (mom) the fillings were tooth 3 MO, tooth 5 DO, tooth 4 MOD. Whatever that means. All I know is that they were the best little cavities ever!


Gilbert Family said...

Wendy...I am so glad you found my blog and left a message, now I can add you to my list :)

As for going to the dentist...I just put it off until absolutely necessary! I HATE it! Good for you for going and getting your "perfect" cavities fixed!

Pocahontas (Little Wanton) said...

I'm so glad you had perfect cavities! I'm kind of scared to go to the dentist. I eat too much sugar!

K Harker said...

I'm sorry my jaw experience freaked you out, I'm a little scared to get fillings now too but I'm just going to make my hubby do it when he can so if any thing happens I can blame him :)
When he is a Dentist you can come to him and he will do your work for free and be oh so gentle :)

Anonymous said...

Wendy--You make it sound like tourture to go to the Dentist, shame on you! Always let them know to give you extra anesth BEFORE they put the rubber dam on. Glad to hear you got them fixed before they weren't so "perfect" anymore. (Have you tried nitrous?)

Love, MOM