Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Downtown Adventure

These are the shoes that ruined my downtown adventure. I thought it would be more humane to show you the shoes and not what the shoes actually did to my feet. I live close enough to downtown Tacoma that I can walk there. It's kind of fun. The farthest I had gone was the library. So the other day I thought that I would go down to check out the Tall Ships Festival along the waterfront. It sounded fun--watch old-fashioned sailing ships in a sort of parade. I guess I had never worn these cute shoes very far, even though I've had them for awhile. So I start walking and after a few blocks I notice that my heal is kind of hurting, but I keep going. After I go about 7 or 8 blocks I am in real pain and I realize that I'm not going to be able to continue, but more than that I don't even think I'm going to be able to get back home. One of my heals is totally bleeding and there is no way that I'm going to be able to walk back up that hill I just came down. So, I walk another few blocks to the main transit station and use the map to find a bus that will take me as close to my house as possible. The #13 bus came a few minutes later and I only had to walk another block once the bus let me off. So much for seeing the tall ships, and now I can't wear any shoes with backs on them. Good thing we've been having lots of good flip-flop weather lately!


Pocahontas (Little Wanton) said...

Ha ha, sorry that not funny. BUT it kind of is a funny story even if it did cause a bleeding...a little blood never hurt anyone, right?! I wish I lived closer to Chicago to walk, but we live like 30 minutes away from downtown :( I haven't even gone downtown yet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making it possible for me to comment on your blog. Hope you heal soon and can enjoy living in a "walkable" city. Have fun at movie at the park.
Love, MOM

K Harker said...

That does sound like fun, well seeing the boats not the bleeding heals, sorry about that!

K Harker said...

oh I was going to tell you... I have site meter on my blog and I always check to see who is visiting my site and from where. It tells me the country, state and city the person is visiting from and I got one from Davenport Iowa and it some times tells me from what site they found mine and the referring URL came from your blog, who do you know from Iowa?? Just curious! Well some one from Iowa found your blog then clicked on to mine. Site meter is kinda fun to see who many people a day look at you blog and from where. Any way I was just curious