Monday, October 6, 2008

Are you drunk?

So I was at my friend Amy's house for a Cookie Lee jewelry party. Kind of like Mary Kay, but with jewelry and way better because you can take almost everything that you want to purchase home with you that night. But I digress. We were all hanging out snacking and trying on jewelry. Some of the ladies were having wine, since this was not a Mormon activity. I was talking to another teacher from my school, when Amy's husband came in and was saying hi to everyone. Then he looks at Amy and asks in all honesty, "Are you drunk?" Her casual answer, "No." And that was that. It made me do a double take, though. Just not a question I usually hear at Relief Society gatherings.


Gilbert Family said...

that reminded me of a time when me and some friends were labeled as being drunk! We were in New York City for a "Girls weekend getaway" and were so gitty and happy to be AWAY and we hailed down a taxi...hoppped in and just kept laughing and being silly when the taxi cab driver says (in spanish) over the phone..."I have three drunk girls in the backseat" (we were NOT ofcourse) One of my friends spoke spanish from her mission and told us what he was saying :) It's funny to me that people assume you are drunk just when you are having a good time!!

I have hosted a Cookie Lee party and it was a lot of fun too! Maybe you should take a picture of yourself in all your new jewelry treasures and post it :)