Friday, January 9, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow...Make It Stop!!

So, as many of you have heard, Spokane got a freakin' a lot of snow this December! It seemed like every day I was there I would walk upstairs and look out the window and the words, "It's snowing!" would come out of my mouth. The first few days in a tone of joy, then surprise, until finally exasperation. It just kept snowing. Good thing I was on vacation, so it didn't matter to me that we couldn't go anywhere. Here are some shots of all the crazy snow. The videos are especially for my sister Kim.

I love the icicles on this house.

Just checking the mail.

My car--I parked it the first day I got there and didn't drive it again for about 10 days.

Allie riding the tube down the sledding hill. Notice how far into the neighbor's yard she goes. Eventually that would be the second farthest distance. Kim and I hold the record, although I don't think anyone recorded. We could have reached out and touched the corner of the house.

Kim and Tyler attempt to beat Allie's distance record. Alas, they did not succeed. They had to steer around a stupid little kid who did not know how to get out of the way. (Notice at about :12 Tyler's little, "Oh, dear." I love it!)


K Harker said...

I need to correct you....Whit and me went down and we were definitely farther than Allie, how come you and kim keep forgetting that!? If Whit didn't put her feet down to slow us down we would have hit the house.

I just had to correct you sorry ;)

Gilbert Family said...

All that snow looks like so much fun! I haven't been able to go sledding this year (due to my prego-NESS) so I am so jealous when I see everyone having fun in the snow but me :( Those videos are great!

Pocahontas said...

Thanks for posting those videos for me! And I would like to correct Kristin and say that you and I BEAT whit and her! We will always be first place ;) Ha ha it was a good time...just the hiking up sucked.