Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Facts About Me volume 1

  • I sometimes write things on my "To Do" list after I do them just so I can cross them off. What does that say about me, I wonder?
  • I always have to sleep with the closet door closed--ALL the way!

Just some random things I was noticing about myself today.


Pocahontas said...

I used to do then when I was in school and wrote to do lists. It made me feel like I was accomplishing more with my days. The closet thing I don't do though. Are you afraid of the dark? I am.

Allie said...

Hey, I have totally done the same thing. I don't make many to-do lists anymore. But yes, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something. With the closet I'm not as anal. I hate when things are out of order like that though. Like cupboards, chairs, etc. I always have to fix them.

K Harker said...

Those are random! j/k they aren't that weird.
Oh Happy Birthday by the way! Hope you had a good trip to AZ as your present to yourself :)

Wendy said...

I am afraid of the dark. Especially outdoors with all those glowing, blinking eyes looking at me! Yikes!!

Emily said...

Actually, studies show that a large percentage of people do the same thing as you (adding things you've done to your to-do list to cross them off). It helps people feel more accomplished and motivated to keep working.

Emily said...

P.S. I have to sleep with the closet doors open. :)