Sunday, April 12, 2009

Okay, Here I Am

One of my friends commented (after I commented on her blog) that she couldn't figure out who I was based on my blog. I don't have too many pictures of myself, but I was looking through my pictures and I found these.
It was one night at my friend Clint's house. He had a recipe from his mom for "Chocolate Mug Cake" you make in the microwave. It was very exciting to watch it almost explode as it cooked. As for how it tasted--it was very dense and needed some salt. Other than that it was yummy. Next time, though, we decided to split them, cuz you can really only eat half of it.
Yum! "Mug Cake with Ice Cream"
Clint, very excited about his microwave mug cake.

Zeke already chowin' down.


Pocahontas said...

Mug cake? Crazy! I want to make one. So you just microwave it in a mug? That's my kind of baking... Cute pics!

Bonnie said...

I want the recipe, too. That would make a fun FHE treat! How long do you "nuke" them? If you have alot of people it could take all night.

Emily said...

Mmm...looks good. Have you had the Betty Crocker Warm Delights? It's basically the same concept, just pre-packaged. They are SO good! The regular size is perfect for sharing, but they now have minis, which is perfect for one.

Glad to see a picture of you. :)