Monday, July 27, 2009

All Creatures Great and Small

*I know I should be blogging about my amazingly fun trip to New York/Europe, but it's just so overwhelming that I'm putting it off. Instead you are going to get this random story:

I love all of God's creatures. Sure there are some that I would rather not occupy space near me, but I generally can tolerate, if not adore, most critters. I honestly didn't mean to harm that poor innocent animal.

This morning when I went out the my car that was parked on the street in front of my building, I almost had a heart attack. There under my car there was something...something that should be alive but no way was it alive based on its position under the back wheel of my car. At first I thought it was a little dog, and I almost fainted. Its head looked like that of a little terrier or chihuahua. Then I came to my senses and realized it was actually an opossum. I see them around here all the time. (I had a picture of one, not of this opossum, but of one that was cutely scampering along the fence. Alas, I can not find it anywhere. Don't worry I won't subject you to the horror of what this one looked like.)

So, back to this traumatic event in my life. Before I vomited all over the sidewalk, I raced around to the driver's door and got safely inside. As I'm starting it up, buckling in, etc..., I started thinking clearly again. Yesterday--morning as a matter of fact--(a little detail that will come in handy later on in this story, as will the fact that it's been about 90 degrees here the past couple of days. Just file those little tidbits away for future reference) as I was parallel parking my car, I recall that I went up on to the curb. At least I felt that little bump that means I've gone up on to the low curb where I usually park. I guess it wasn't the curb after all. We are all going to agree (for my poor heart's sake) that the animal was already dead before I pinned it under the wheel of my car, okay? Okay!

Well, now remember how I told you I parked my car in the morning, it was actually around noon so I guess it technically wasn't morning, and how it's been so freakin' hot here lately? Well, just imagine the smell. I'll give you a moment to really picture it. It was odorific as I started the car and turned on the air conditioning. The first place I went was the car wash. I'm hoping that "The Works" car wash is worth the eight bucks and works at getting rid of roadkill fumes. I'm not going to be sniffing around the back end of my car anytime soon, though. But I am going to be extra careful about where I park my car from now on!


ANGELA said...

Seriously that is gross you are a murderer!

Gilbert Family said...

Roadkill happens...I'm just glad you are one of those who feel bad about it rather than give a high five like you just accomplished something makes me crazy when I see that!

I hope the stink goes away soon :)

K Harker said...

Sick! That is all I have to say! Oh, and....I don't mind seeing road kill on the road, I always do a little "aww poor animal" but if it were on my car or cased by my car I'd have the same reaction especially if it smelled bad, nasty!