Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Disappointing Weekend

True it is only 3:00 pm on Saturday, but my weekend has been a big disappointment all around. Wednesday through Friday this week was the first glimpse of spring here in Seattle. It was sunny, blue skies, and warm (if you consider mid-60's warm). Friday was the best day of all; we reached 70* for the first time this year. It was bliss.I woke up this morning and it was like it had all been a dream. It was back to gray and cold and raining. To top it all off, I was planning on going to the huge Kent Lakes multi-community garage sale. I had a few things in mind that I was looking for: dining room chairs, children's books, and vintage Pyrex. Well, with the weather the way it was it was a huge let down. Hardly anyone was out and most of the places I stopped didn't have much stuff at all. I did get a couple of books for school and the book Water for Elephants. I had been meaning to get it from the library, but knowing me, I probably would have paid more than the $.50 I got it for in fees. A good find, but not exactly thrilling.

I thought, to make up for the disappointment I would hit up a few of the nearby thrift stores. I fared a little better at Goodwill. I found these interesting Pyrex coffee mugs from the 60's-70's. (Sorry for the horrible pictures. They're from my crappy phone as I left my camera at school.)I had never seen anything like these before. They are clear Corning Ware glasses with plastic, removable bases. They caught my eye right away and then I turned one over and the bottom said PYREX and the price tag said $.69...SOLD. I only bought 4 out of the 12 they had. Other than these, nothing I was looking for. And a big fat nothing at Value Village and St. Vincent de Paul. :(

On my way home, I stopped at an antique mall here in Kent. I had driven by this particular place many, many times but never stopped. Today I thought, "Why not? It can't hurt anything." So I went in. It was one of those places that has lots of little stalls for different vendors. There were 3-4 other Saturday wanderers in there, but I pretty much had the place to myself. My main mission was to find some Pyrex. I knew I would probably find some, but I also knew that antique malls are not the place to get good deals on Pyrex.

In between all the knick-knacks and random old stuff I did find various Pyrex pieces. Some were ones I already had or wasn't interested in. (Can you say brown?) Then I ran across a turquoise and white casserole dish with a lid. It was $14, but 35% off. I put it on my "maybe list". Luckily I found something better, because I don't know if I would have been able to find my way through the maze back to get it.

What was that something better you ask...

It's my very first pink piece. It was "only" $8.50. But it was pink and a regular mixing bowl, which I like better than the Cinderella bowls with handles on the side. I also found this little Butterfly Gold Cinderella bowl. It was $5, but 15% off.
Even though I did get some good things today, it's still cold and raining, so I think I just might get my new book and curl up under the covers.

P.S. If anyone ever finds this at a reasonable price, please, please, please buy it for me! I actually already have the large bowl. I just need the little bowl and the metal bracket thingy.


Angela said...

You're Funny!!

Kim said...

I just read Water for Elephants a few weeks ago. (Which I had been meaning to read for years.) When the movie came out I finally found the book available at the library. I really liked it! Although there are a few "inappropriate" parts.

No sympathy from me for your rainy weekend though ;) I'll keep my eye out for that pyrex!

Bonnie said...

I am always looking for Pyrex for you but you have most of the ones I see. Remember I got some of your "cooler" pieces for you :) Can't believe what you will pay for them :)