Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's In Your Purse?

The other day I was reading a random blog and the author had taken everything out of her purse and documented it. Then she challenged her readers to do that same thing and there was going to be a prize. Anyone who linked to the photo of their purse contents was entered into a drawing. I was reading this weeks after the contest had ended but was still entertained by the random things that women carry around with them. You could definitely tell who the mothers were--they tended to have a lot of fruit snacks and Polly Pocket dolls in their bags.

Anyway, it got me curious to see what was in my purse at that moment, so I went over to the kitchen table and dumped it all out. Here's the picture of it all, after I organized it and got rid of all the gum wrappers, receipts and lint balls, of course! :)

The contents, starting with said purse and going clockwise from the edge towards the center, are: make up bag, doggie treats baggie, wallet, 2 necklaces, pair of earings, 26 cents, instant oatmeal, Handi-Snacks plastic cheese spreader, 2 packs of gum and 2 half pieces of gum, 3 gift cards, car insurance cards, ipod, keys, water bottle, purse hook (for hanging your purse on the edge of a table), sun glasses, glasses, 2 bottles of foundations, round mirror, power compact, eye shadow, cuticle cream, 4 tubes lipgloss/chapstick, bobby pins, movie ticket stub, Crystal Light drink mixes, 2 pens and a pencil, paper clip, Advil sinus pills, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. (My camera was in there too, but it is obviously being use to take the photo.)

I had no idea I was carrying around that much stuff. Are you brave enough to post what's in your bag? I double dog dare you! (Leave me a link in a comment so I can take a look. Hey--I showed you mine.)


Kim said...

I like it! What are all the gift cards for? Lucky.

You would be sorely disappointed with my purse contents. I've been carrying around this tiny thing that can only hold my wallet, phone, keys, a pen, and chapstick! Things are about to change real quick though....

Wendy said...

Two of the gift cards are for Home Depot--house warming gifts, the other is $5 for Starbucks from PTA for Teacher Appreciation Week. Very exciting I know.

Bonnie said...

I would need a bigger table to spread out all the junk I carry around. Us mothers get in the bad habit of making sure we have things "just in case". I have not gotten away from that habit even though I got a smaller purse. The most unusual thing that has been in my purse, you may ask. Human teeth :) Those that know me know why.

Angela said...

oh boy that's a lot, but as a therapist I find I carry the weirdest things. If I had a blog I would show you!!