Monday, August 22, 2011

My New School

I stopped by the site of my school Sunday to see how they are progressing on the new building and the demolition of the old building. We are scheduled to open for the first day of school on Tuesday, September 6th. If you don't have a calendar handy, I will let you know that it's 2 weeks from tomorrow. Let's just say it's not as far along as I pictured it considering how much time is left before eager young students are expected to walk through the door. Hopefully those construction workers are going to work a miracle.

Where the office used to be.

What's left of the old bus loop, looking towards where the primary wing, or "pod" as we called it, used to stand.

Where the parking lot should be (I think)
Don't you just love the bright, cheerful (read: retina burning) colors they chose?

I'm pretty sure that trailer is about where my classroom used to be.

The cement pad of my old room is still there.

The play shed and gym.  I think the playground is going somewhere near here.

At first I was just going to peek at the site from the road. . . 
But I got more and more bold, and finally I ended up peeking into my new room.  
(Don't tell anyone, seeing how technically it could be considered trespassing!)
At least it looks like it's ready for students.
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Bonnie said...

Don't you know never to put anything on the web that you don't want public knowledge? Now I have to find you a lawyer for all the tresspassing charges the school is going to file!