Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mmmm...the best tasting weeds ever!

BLACKBERRIES! The kind you eat, not email on.

One thing I still can't get over since moving to Western Washington, is the existence of a delicious and, if you BUY them at the store, expensive berry as a WEED! They grow without any help, and actually take over if you let them. They are on the side of the freeway, in parking lots, on school and library grounds, along walking trails, everywhere. (As an aside, those are all places where I have actually helped myself to blackberries.)

A lady that I work with was begging people to come pick some from her yard since they were just ripening and falling to the ground. Oh, what a waste! I went over there one day after work and picked my fingers raw. Then I had this scrumptious treat:

Yesterday, as I was walking to my car at school I happened to look up and what did I see? Some plump, dark berries glowing in the setting sun. They were just begging me to pick them. I left my car door hanging open, and, in my dress shoes, climbed a low rock wall to reach over the chain link fence in order to snag a yummy treat. Of course one of the other teachers came out to the parking lot while I'm standing up there. Don't mind me, I just love to snack on weeds!


K Harker said...

mmm I love weeds, I mean blackberries! So guess what we're making today, raspberry bars yum! We went to the local you pick place again and got a ton of raspberries (though it felt weird to pay for them since we grew up with a million at home) for pretty cheap are ready to make some yummy bars, jealous?!

Bonnie said...

Are they still going to be around when we come next weekend? Dad would love that exact treat that you show!! Save us some.

Pocahontas said...

Remember when we used to have that blackberry bush on the fence by the field? Allie and I used to pretend they were pills...weird. But, I did love them!

Gilbert Family said...

now I am gonna go pick some blackberries too. That made me so hungry!