Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No, I Have Not Dropped Off the Edge of the World...

I've been getting ready for the first day of school. After weeks of cleaning and sorting huge piles and cupboards full of left over junk from last year, I finally got my room totally cute and organized and just perfect. Yay!!

My desk area
*note the slippers under the desk :)

My teaching station

My literacy board

A look towards my classroom library and word wall.

Work tables (I got rid of student desks this year.)

Student cubbies and a small group teaching table.

And then the kids showed up today and messed it all up! Rude! Actually, they seem like a pretty good group of kids, but kids will be kids. I just have a figure out new routines for everything now that I don't have student desks. It is amazing how used to my old routines I am. It kept throwing me off all day that I couldn't do things like I had been doing them the last three years. Oh well, I figure something out. I just like all the extra space not having 24+ individual desks in the room.


K Harker said...

cute cute room! This is why I was never meant to be a teacher, I don't have the knack for that kind of stuff.
Who do those kids think they are messing up all your hard work?! :)
Have fun with your new room and kids and getting used to it all :)

Pocahontas and John Smith said...

Oh good you're not dead...I was worried! Cute room. You're a pro teacher/decorator! As Kristin said, I would never be able to be a teacher so props. Hope this school year goes well for you.