Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Park

My new apartment is less than a block away from a great park. Wright Park is 27 acres that was donated in 1886 to be used as a public space. It was recently remodeled and spruced up. There are lots of walking paths, a pond with a bridge, playground, wading pool, basketball court, and a bowling green (whatever that is.) It is very scenic and I love it. I've been trying to do a couple of laps everyday this week. I've notice a few regulars: homeless-looking people with their various bags and blankets, families picnicing, couples strolling, teenagers hanging out, and joggers. A pretty normal crowd for a city park I think.

Today as I was walking along a jogger passed me. Nothing out of the ordinary. As he went by me, though, I noticed that he was packing heat. That is--he had a gun. A handgun was strapped into some sort of holster on his hip, just sitting case he needs it? Wow, it made me re-evaluate my personal safety. Was he in need of protecting himself, and therefore, I'm going to need something to protect myself? It was only 6:00 in the evening, still lots of daylight. What is he worried about? Or should I be worried about him? Well, these thoughts only occupied my mind for a few minutes before I got back to enjoying my walk. It was a beautiful evening. One of those days that reminds me why I live here. It makes up for the other 9 months of the year.


Kris said...

Can I come visit? Sounds like a really nice park you got goin' on there except the whole man wearing a gun in a holster, a little strange and cause for concern but still sounds beautiful! I really want to come visit now, hmm but when :)

Unknown said...

Ha ha that's so funny you saw that guy...maybe he was casually running from the cops?

Anonymous said...

Wendy-- Why so confused about someone "packing heat"? Your uncles and grandfather did it all the time. Guess you never noticed. (It is a state of mind not a fear thing.) And why didn't you ask him to escort you home?!!?

Love, MOM